The Whistling Thorn

cover-whistlingthornA Remarkable Tale Well Told

Kenya hunter Peter Grant while filming, meets visiting American Girl Journalist Della Mitchell in the heart of the Great Rift Valley. On safari they pit their wits and lives against warlike Masai and corrupt officials.

From the Rift Valley’s volcanic-scarred north to the Mara and the Serengeti plains in the south their footsteps are dogged by danger.


  • Post-war Kenya – elegant with Colonial extravagance and bristling with Masai spears.
  • The magnificence of its landscape and the marvellous variety of its wildlife, is superbly drawn.
  • Jameson’s knowledge of its folklore, his keen observation and vivid writing bring it authentically to life.
  • A remarkable tale well told.
  • Great story.

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This story draws you in from the start and is compelling reading. The plot is elegantly crafted with strong characters and a quick pace. There is plenty of action and wonderfully vivid descriptions of Africa, it’s people, traditions and legends. A really good read and a well written story that I couldn’t put down.

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“In a safari truck parked under a flat-topped acacia thorn tree in the heart of Kenya’s Rift Valley, Peter Grant crouched covering his ears against a screech while the truck took a pounding from swirling fine earth and small stones as a 200 feet tall dust devil went by. It spun a path across bare ochre-coloured ground with clumps of arid grass, and went on to meet a large cluster of wait-a-bit thorn close to an expanse of crazed mud that was once a salt-lick.”


“Peter should have known that Kenya did not deal its cards with such abundant largesse, especially in times of failed rain. A serious negative influence lurked in the wings. Both he and his passenger, an American girl, Della, were unaware, a hundred and fifty miles to the south in the heart of the Serengeti plains an event was, at that moment, unfolding that would imperil their lives.”


“When entering the VIP lounge at the airport, she said to herself, “Now, Della Mitchell, pull yourself together. Yes, you are one hell of a dumb blonde to fall for, and willingly be seduced by a Kenya white hunter. I have a good job in the States,; have some superb photographs and the best two articles I have ever written. If that doesn’t get me that editor’s job I am after, I shall . . . I shall . . . ” she sighed deeply . . . “I know I shall have to come out here to Kenya . . . and find Peter and . . .”

* * *

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